For Bonn into the Bundestag

Dear voters in Bonn,

Together with you, I would like to take advantage of Bonn's opportunities. Ever since my voluntary service at an aid organization brought me to Bonn, I have been in love with the city. As a UN city with the UN Climate Secretary, a successful and diverse business location, the federal authorities and a strong urban society, we have so much potential.

I will use these opportunities with you and I will transform Bonn into an international climate capital, strengthen international structures, improve connectivity and be a strong representative of Bonn in the federal parliament.

Beyond that, however, Bonn is above all one thing: home to all of us. That's why we need affordable housing here, also for young people and families. To achieve this, we need to stop rent increases and build more apartments. But a good home also needs a fast internet connection, well-developed, affordable public transportation and a strong health care system.

We need a Bonn where young and old can live together, where it doesn't matter where you come from, and where our children have access to the best schools. That's why we need to invest - in more housing, our education system and a strong welfare state.

That's why I'm asking you for your vote on September 26!

Five goals for Bonn

  1. Education must be a top priority. That is why our schools must be better equipped and training positions and the financing of students must be secured. Because only with good financing of the education system everyone can take advantage of their talents and opportunities.
  2. Everyone must be able to afford a home in Bonn. That's why I will work with the SPD to stop rent increases and build 400,000 affordable homes per year.
  3. We are only strong as a community. I stand for a society of solidarity. With us, everyone is part of our society. And we want to make sure that no one is left alone: With health insurance for all, secure pensions and an end to employment contracts with a limited time.
  4. Functioning hospitals, running rail lines and clean playgrounds: The state must actively shape good infrastructure. I am committed to investing money to make buses and trains ticket-free in the long term, to pay nursing staff better and to provide a fast internet connection nationwide.
  5. Bonn should become the international climate capital. Effective climate protection is essential, especially for my generation. I am committed to achieving climate neutrality by 2040 at the latest. We can achieve this with 100 % renewable energies and effective climate protection measures. This is the only way we can also guarantee global security.

You don't know if you are eligible to vote?
All people in Germany over the age of 18 with German citizenship are eligible to vote. If you have received a letter with an election notification, you can go to the polling station on September 26 with your passport. You will also find the location of your polling station on your election notification. If you can not visit a polling station on September 26, you can also vote by letter beforehand, but you must apply for this in advance to the city of Bonn using the form provided with your election notification.

Your choice on September 26.

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